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RDV-seminar: The role of perceptions and attitudes of public officials 

Video: Research Professor Steven Van de Walle from the KU Leuven, Belgium, delivered an insightful presentation titled The role of perceptions and attitudes of public officials. Following the presentation, seminar participants, both in-person and online, shared their questions and thoughts on this crucial issue. 

In this session of our RDV seminar, esteemed researcher Dr. Steven Van de Walle shared insights from his groundbreaking research on the attitudes and perceptions of policymakers and public managers. Leveraging innovative methodologies such as eye-tracking and vignette experiments, Dr. Van de Walle’s work elucidated the factors influencing public managers’ stances on citizen participation and the utilization of uncertain information by policymakers. The seminar provided a deep dive into the intricate dynamics shaping policy development and implementation in contemporary governance landscapes. 

Steven Van de Walle is research professor of public management at the Public Governance Institute KU Leuven, Belgium. Prior to joining KU Leuven, he held the Chair of Public Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Between 2006 and 2008 he was a lecturer at the University of Birmingham. His current research and teaching covers public sector reform, the organisation of public services, public sector failure, citizens’ perceptions of the public sector, government-citizen relations, and public sector performance. Steven’s work has been published in all leading journals in the discipline and has received multiple awards. 

Recording of the RDV Seminar with Steven Van de Walle
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