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Join Us: Professors Jill D. Berrick and Marit Skivenes at the Inequality Talks 

We are excited to announce that our professors, Marit Skivenes, Director of Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism (DIPA) and Jill D. Berrick from U.C. Berkley and DIPA, will give a talk at the Inequality Talks series, organized by the University of Helsinki, Finland.  

The Inequality Talks series aims to address some of the key questions and global challenges concerning inequalities by bringing together some of the world’s leading academics. As esteemed speakers in this session, Skivenes and Berrick will share their valuable insights into international trends in child protection. With their extensive experience and profound understanding of the field, they are set to be essential contributors to this crucial discussion. 

Commentators on this session are Taina Laajasalo, Research Professor at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Docent in Legal Psychology at the University of Helsinki, and Elina Pekkarinen, the Ombudsman for Children in Finland and Docent in Social Work at the University of Helsinki. 

Mapping Global Approaches to Child Protection: Understanding Diverse Strategies and Systems 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), adopted over thirty years ago, highlights the importance of safeguarding children from human rights violations, including abuse and neglect. Although nearly every country has adopted the UNCRC, child protection approaches vary significantly due to differences in history, culture, resources, and other factors. 

This presentation will offer a comprehensive overview of a global typology of child protection systems, highlighting five major models. These models address various childhood risks and harms through diverse legislative, administrative, and funding structures. The typology, developed by Skivenes and Berrick, serves as a valuable tool for policymakers, researchers, students, and professionals to evaluate and improve their child protection systems. 

The event is a unique opportunity to gain insights from leading experts on the critical issue of child protection. Whether you are a policymaker, researcher, student, or professional in the field, this session will provide valuable knowledge and perspectives that can help shape more effective child protection strategies.  

Don’t miss this chance to engage and contribute to the ongoing conversation about child protection systems! Register now on the link below: 

Event Details 

Date: Friday, August 23, 2024 

Time: 10:15 – 11:45 AM (EET) 

Format: Hybrid (In-person and online, via Zoom) 

Registration: Register here 

This hybrid event allows participants to join either in person or virtually via Zoom. All registered attendees will receive the Zoom link prior to the event. 

Photo source: Helsinki Inequality Initiative

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