Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen


NEW PROJECT: Child Protection Systems Across the World

CPS-WORLD aims to conduct groundbreaking research by examining the empirical foundation of an emerging, global typology of child protection systems – systems imbued with the legal authority and responsibility to intervene into the private sphere of the family. The main objective of the project is to examine defining elements of child protection systems and their boundaries by analyzing public and judiciary perspectives across the world, enabling empirical advancements and theoretical innovations.

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Children's Right to Participation

Children’s right to participate in matters affecting them is a fundamental right in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Still, reports from children themselves and research shows that children are not involved and do not participate as the Convention and the laws prescribe. The primary objective of this project is to generate new knowledge, develop new measures, and build research expertise that enables society to address the challenge of children’s participation.

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Legitimacy Challenges

“LEGITIMACY CHALLENGES” aims to reveal conditions and mechanisms for sustaining legitimacy in societies in which there is a backlash on social and political right developments. The project will be the most comprehensive cross-country study ever undertaken on this topic, and it is pioneering in its empirical and critical ambition to understand the rationale behind what seem to be a strong citizen driven mobilization against established institutions in democratic welfare states.

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County Social Welfare Board Decisions in Child Protection Cases

“County Social Welfare Board Decisions in Child Protection Cases” (BARN-NEMND) is an infrastructure project whose primary objective is to develop a new database on care order decisions in Norway.

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Cross-national Experiences of Foster Care

This project explores the differences between Norwegian and US welfare state ideologies, focusing specifically on child welfare.


Music and Participation

“Music and Participation” will investigate how minor migrants’ experience arts-based activities, and use such insights to inform the fields of music therapy and practices within child welfare/refugee work.


Child Rights Unit

The Child Rights Unit at LawTransform seeks to address normative, legal and empirical research questions. The unit aims to understand the role of law and administrative, political and judicial institutions as well as ideas, interpretations and practices around children´s rights that are embedded in societies cultural practices.

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Cosmopolitan Turn and Democratic Sentiments: The Case of Child Protection Services

The CONSENT-project empirically examines the extent to which the CRC is considered to be relevant in democratic assemblies and legal regulations, if it corresponds to the nature of trust people have in child protection services, and if it can be identified in professional practices.