Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen


At the University:

The Centre has the following vacant positions:

  • Currently, there are no available positions at the Centre. However, we are continuously seeking talented and motivated individuals, whether as research assistants or senior academics. If you are interested, please feel free to submit an open application here.

Our Department is hiring for the following positions:

  • No current positions.

New vacancies will be announced on this page and at jobbnorge.no. You are welcome to contact Director Marit Skivenes if you are interested in becoming affiliated with the Centre.

Research community at the Centre

The Centre constitutes a vibrant, international and professionally challenging working environment. Our working language is English, and the Centre is well connected to leading research communities in Bergen and internationally.

The Centre is part of the Department of Government, which covers a wide area of empirical fields and is known for its leading role in the comparative analysis of politics, administration and organization. The Department building is located at at the picturesque Nygårdshøyden area in the city center of Bergen, right next to the historical University Museum building.

We are dedicated to providing professional and personal development, and arrange regular seminars and events focused on methodological and theoretical competence, as well as providing forums for receiving input on work in progress.

We reach for exceptional research results and high societal impact. To achieve these goals, the work at the Centre is guided by the following core values:


We believe that our research activity is, and should be, fun, and that our job and joint effort trigger creativity and motivation and move the research frontier forward.


We aim to achieve excellent results by being innovative, accountable and relevant, so that our research set a mark and have impact in academia and society.

Service minded

We share our knowledge with each other and society. Our manner is friendly and respectful, and we contribute when our expertise is called for. We support each other in our work, and give recognition when deserved.


We keep deadlines, stay focused and prioritize the most important task and duties. We come prepared and in time to meetings and seminars.

The Centre is a vibrant and  inclusive place, which makes it a perfect place to work in. Bergen is a beautiful, picturesque city: the scenery is amazing, particularly if the weather is dry and sun is shinning. Everyone speaks good English, and given that Bergen is a multicultural city, I felt at ease being there. Overall, it was a great experience, both from an academic and non-academic standpoint.

Dr. Ingi Iusmen (visiting scholar)

Employee at the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen (UiB) has a history dating back to the founding of the Bergen Museum in 1825. UiB was established as Norway’s second university in 1946, and is today an internationally recognized research university.

UiB is an international work place, and belongs to a global network of students, researchers and knowledge institutions. UiB employees represent 70 different nationalities, and 16% of all its employees have a foreign background. UiB’s student body includes 1,300 students of foreign nationality.

Normal working hours for academic employees are 40 hours per week. Employees are entitled to 25 working days of annual holiday, and employees over 60 years are entitled to five additional days. All employees who are employed by the civil service and who work for at least 14 working hours per week are members of the Public Service Pension Fund. Membership of the Public Service Pension Fund also entitles you to membership of group life and occupational injury insurance schemes.

UiB has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service to facilitate a more inclusive working life. This agreement is intended to help reduce sickness absenteeism and disability rates and to ensure that the resources and work ability of individuals are developed and utilised in active work. UiB also sets stringent requirements to quality in health, environment and safety issues.

As an employee of UiB, you will belong to a competence environment that offers opportunities for both professional and personal development. Courses, seminars and further education programmes are arranged in both Norway and abroad. Free language courses in Norwegian are offered to all new UiB employees and their partners.

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Life in the City of Bergen

UiB is located in Bergen – the second largest city in Norway with a population of 275 000, and the administrative and educational center of Western Norway. Bergen is known as the “Gateway to the Fjords” and “the City Between Seven Mountains”, and is a vibrant city with personality and charm.

Located by the Atlantic Ocean, the history and development of Bergen are closely linked to trade routes at sea and a constant interaction with the outside world. Bergen Airport Flesland has direct flights to over 30 international destinations, including major hubs such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Copenhagen.

Bergen is naturally framed by mountains and the sea, offering endless opportunities for outdoor activities all year around. The city was founded in 1070, and the rich medieval history is still present today. The city center is very compact, where most things are within easy walking distance. This means that you can easily enjoy the many city parks, cafés, shops, and cultural events.

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