Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Supplementary documentation

Our ambition is to be frontiers in our research field. As an interdisciplinary and international research Centre, situated at the University of Bergen and funded by the ERC and NRC, we are committed to openness and transparency in research. 

Transparency and access are critical for high quality in research, and we follow best practice by retaining files of supplementary material and documentation related to data collection, methodological analysis, code books, data files, and publications from the Centre.

We are prepared to share this information with other researchers when not bound by copyright restrictions, confidentiality requirements, or contractual clauses.

By adhering to transparency around research procedures and access to research data enhances the quality of research in that results can more readily be validated and verified.

  • Pre-analysis plan for survey in 8 countries: Restriction of freedom on an individual with responsibility for a child (2019). The plan is submitted to AsPredicted and will be made available at this page later.
  • Pre-analysis plan for survey in Norway and California (US): The basis for legitimate state intervention in families (2019). The plan is submitted to AsPredicted and will be made available at this page later.
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