Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Research impact

Research carried out by staff and students at the Centre aims to have an impact in the academic community and larger society.

Impact through academic publications

We aim for our research to be published in high impact peer-reviewed journals and reach a wide audience. Most of our publications are in international journals, and open access whenever possible.

Open access book on children’s rights.

Handbook on child protection systems.

Impact through media and public events

We actively disseminate our findings and share our knowledge in national and international media, and we participate at and host public events. Our aim is to provide research based knowledge and insight to the general public, and contribute to an informed public debate.

Researchers from the Centre published a commentary in Dagbladet.

The Centre organized a public debate on migrating minors.

Impact through scholarly dialogue

We actively take part in scholarly dialogue to develop our research. We participate at international conferences and in networks, invite scholars from different countries as guest researchers to Bergen, and host international seminars and conferences.

The Centre co-organized the Bergen Exchanges International Conference in 2018.

Researchers from the Centre gave a key-note at EUSARF-conference in Porto..

Impact through education

We take part in the education of Master’s and PhD students at the University of Bergen. We apply a principle of research-based education, connecting ongoing research and state-of-the-art knowledge to teaching. Our aim is to inspire a new generation of researchers, as well as provide future civil servants and professionals with research skills and knowledge.

The DIPA-group at the Centre includes Masters and PhD students.

Prof. Skivenes contributed to a textbook for the education of child protection workers.

Impact through policy dialogue

We meet with politicians and government agencies to share our findings and knowledge. Our aim is to provide research based knowledge and insight to policy makers, and contribute to better policy and practice.

Researchers from the Centre presented at seminar hosted by the Norwegian Ministry.

Researchers from the Centre wrote a report on adoption in child protection for the Norwegian Directorate.

Impact through dialogue with NGOs

We actively meet with non-governmental organizations to share our research findings and knowledge. Our aim is to provide research based knowledge and insight to policy influencers and professional associations, and contribute to improved policy and practice.

Members of the Pro Bono Group at the Centre conducted a project for Forandringsfabrikken.

Prof. Skivenes contributed to a report and conference initiated by UNICEF.