Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Highlights from the NOU-seminar at Bergen Global

On the 14th of April, DIPA and LawTransform hosted a seminar on the NOU 2023: 7 (Safe childhood, secure future), on the rule of law in the Norwegian child protection system. The seminar was at Bergen Global and was open to all that wanted to discuss report.

The panel consisted of Professor Marit Skivenes (head of the NOU-committee), Psychologist Jorunn Øpsen (a member of the comittee), Lise Gro Søreide (judge), Marianne Oftedahl (Norwegian foster home association) and finally, Marthe Engedahl (PhD candidate from the Faculty of Law) as the moderator.

Professor Marit Skivenes started the seminar with an introduction on the NOU and a talk on the Norwegian courts. Psychologist Jorunn Øpsen followed with an introduction on continuity and the situation for children who cannot live at home. Judge Lise Gro Søreide had commented on the Norwegian court and finally, Marianne Oftedahl from the Norwegian foster home association commented on foster homes and children that cannot live at home. At the end of the seminar segments, moderator Marthe Engedahl opened for questions and a discussion.

The interactive sessions and expert speakers provided valuable insights to the seminar and helped to answer questions from attendees as well as facilitate engaging discussions. DIPA and LawTransform would like to thank the speakers at the seminar for their participation and engagement, which contributed to the overall success of the event!

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