Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Key Role in National Strategy Process

Four researchers from the Centre involved in the Norwegian Government’s new strategy on children and youths at risk.

In order to create a targeted and comprehensive national effort for vulnerable children and young people, the Norwegian government has initiated a national strategy – Barnunge21. Professor Marit Skivenes is appointed to lead one of the four thematic working groups.

Skivenes is joined by PhD fellows Hege Stein Helland, Audun Løvlie and Barbara Ruiken. They are supervised by Skivenes and will act as secretaries for the different working groups within the Barnunge21 strategy.

Important strategy

Skivenes states that the strategy is very important, and is pleased that the Centre will be a key contributor to the process.

– As a society, we have a clear responsibility for children and youths at risk. This can be children and young people who are exposed to neglect, violence and abuse, or who have major behavioral problems. A targeted research effort is needed to give these vulnerable children the help and support they need.

The working group, Skivenes will lead is focusing on research and will make recommendations and proposals for actions within this area.

The group will consist of members from various sectors and regions. Together, they will point out the strengths and challenges for research in the field, and look at opportunities for improvement.

Decision basis for the government

The Ministry of Children and Family Affairs is the coordinator for BarnUnge21 on behalf of the government and other ministries involved.

The BarnUnge21 strategy will form the basis for further policy work, and constitute a decision-making basis for the government within the policy area.

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