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Guest researcher: Larissa Cristina Margarido

We have had the pleasure of having Larissa Cristina Margarido as a guest researcher as  part of the project Child Protection Systems Across the World (CPS-World) at Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism (DIPA). Larissa visited us from the 1st of August and stayed until the 31st of August. During her time with us she held a presentation on an important topic: “Inequality and legal change: perspectives from the Global South”. She also participated in two sessions of round table talk in the 10th edition of the 2023 Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation, which is an annual research festival taking place in Bergen.

Larissa on her stay with DIPA

Could you tell us about the research or topic you’ve been working on during your stay here?

During my stay, I worked on the Child Protection Systems Across the World (CPS-WORLD) project. Its main aim is to examine defining elements of child protection systems and their boundaries, within which I am part of the constitutional child rights front. Starting from my temporary research assistant position in December 2022 and March 2024, I was responsible for the creation of a database of the constitutional rights of children in 193 countries from every continent except Antarctica, the examination of geographical, temporal, and thematic patterns, and the suggestion of tentative rights categories. Resuming in August 2024 as a guest researcher, I was invited to rethink and deepen the categories created and reflect on how to utilize the database findings for theoretical innovations with the guidance of professors Marit Skivenes (DIPA/UiB), Siri Gloppen (LawTransform/UiB) and Jill Berrick (UC Berkeley).

Do you have any memorable moments or experiences from your stay with our research center that you’d like to share?

My experience at the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism was wonderful from day one. Not only DIPA’s research team is incredibly competent and welcoming but also the Centre created a really inspiring academic space with constant sharing and incentives for collective growth. Apart from the sessions on the 2023 Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation, my favorite activities were taking part in the RDV-webinar series and presenting my research in the Law, Politics and Welfare research group.

About Larissa

Larissa Cristina Margarido is a PhD candidate in Law and Development at FGV Sao Paulo Law School (Brazil). She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of São Paulo and a master’s degree in law and development from FGV, having recently had her dissertation published by Margem da Palavra in Brazil. She works in the field of socio-legal studies, and her research interests include human rights, children’s rights, gender, race, discourse analysis, legislative processes, and public policies. Larissa has previously spent a year in Bergen,  from August 2022 to March 2023, as a guest researcher at the Centre on Law & Social Transformation (with the financial support of the CAPES Foundation). You can learn more about her research here.

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