Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Trond Helland

Trond Helland worked as a research assistant until 2020, but is no longer employed at the DIPA-centre.

Trond Helland

Research Assistant


Trond is a research assistant at the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism. He holds an M.Phil. in Administration and Organization theory from the University of Bergen.

Trond wrote his Masters thesis on Care order cases in the European Court of Human Rights, studying Parents’ vs. children’s rights. Trond is educated in music performance in addition to public administration, and has previously worked as a teacher, musician and conductor.

Helland, Trond (2019) Care order cases in the European Court of Human Rights – Parents’ vs. children’s rights [Master thesis]. Bergen: University of Bergen.

M.Phil. in Administration and Organization theory (University of Bergen)

Bachelor in Administration and Organization theory (University of Bergen)

Bachelor in Music Performance (University of Bergen)

Get to know Trond

What are you working on right now?
Right now? This interview. Before and after the interview? Coding, literature reviews, writing an article and preparing a presentation for a meeting later today.

Is there a book you recommend within your field?
When I first started researching children’s rights, David Archard’s book “Children” was a great steppingstone onto the field. I also thoroughly enjoyed “Naked Statistics” by Charles Wheelan. Wheelan has a great view on how statistics can be used.

Can you describe you working space?
Surprisingly tidy. Much due to the large cabinet where I can put all my clutter at the end of each day. I do, however, have a few to many coffee cups on my desk.

What is your background?
I have a bachelor degree in music performance, where I specialized in classical tuba and conducting. Before I changed field and started to work with social science, I worked as a conductor and teacher. I also tried my luck as a building engineer, but realized after studying e.g. math, mechanic and physics for a year, that engineering was not for me. I have always enjoyed working and you would be surprised of some of the jobs I have had – such as volleyball coach, janitor and home goods seller.

What are you listening to these days?
I have, with the lack for a better word, a diverse taste for music. I can listen to almost anything. However, I prefer to listen to artists that use real people to play instruments, not a computer. With that said, I am mainly listening to audiobooks for the moment. I just started book 8 in “the spellmonger series” by Terry Mancour, a series I found surprisingly funny.

Is there a TV-show you are binging?
I just finished binging Brooklyn nine-nine. Great entertainment!

Place you have been where you never want to go back to?
Huseby, HM The Kings Guards camp, where I was stationed when I was in the army.

Place you have been where you would like to go back?

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