Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism Bergen

Oscar Myrmell

Oscar Myrmell

Research Assistant


Oscar Myrmell is a Research Assistant at the Center for Research on Discretion and Paternalism. He holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Agder.

MA in Sociology and Social Work from the University of Agder

BA in Development studies from the University of Agder

Get to know Oscar

What is your background?

I did my bachelor’s degree in development studies, and just delivered my master’s degree in sociology this spring.

Is there a book you’d recommend within your field?

A good question with a lot of answers: for the classics, I find Stigma by Erving Goffman really interesting, and a “must-have” for sociologists. For a more modern reader, Street Capital: Black Cannabis Dealers in a White Welfare State by Sveinung Sandberg.

And lastly, a good introduction to the sociology field in popular science: “Humankind: A hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman. Is humankind inherently good or bad?

If you had to choose a different field, what would it be?

Probably criminology or psychology, however that’s pretty close to what sociology could entail. For something more drastic, I would have to choose history or social economics. I find a lot of fields interesting, maybe that’s why I chose sociology!

Can you describe your office space?

Usually, a lot of papers and books surrounding me, and a PC-full of word documents and internet tabs. However, what may look like disorder, is a complex system of order in chaos (… is at least what I tell myself).

Is there a TV-show you are binging?

Currently I’m watching Severance – in the show, Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories, freely, have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. I wondered what I would have chosen before watching – NOT anymore.

What are you listening to these days?

A question with different answers depending on the day and hour! I’ve been enjoying Utopia and Lets Start Here lately, however I need some more calm music in the evening and mornings – Bob Dylan, Mac Miller, Bon Iver, Daniel Cesar or Bakar is always a safe bet.

And a place you’ve been where you’d like to go back?

Sri Lanka – I spent 3 months there when doing my bachelor’s degree, and fell in love with the country. The people, food (although a bit hot), beaches and the landscape – amazing.